Master of Physics, Andrew

Jack Simpson

Head of Marketing and Communications

I know it was you, Fredo.

Software Engineer, Andrew has been with Web Applications UK for just over seven months and is about to embark on a new adventure, Traveller 5!

Since he joined Web Applications UK in late 2012, he has spent most of his time in our Core Team, doing internal developments including a new testing application. He also spent a month with our Support department, allowing him to really get a feel for every angle of the business and fully develop as a programmer.

A master of physics, Andrew has a Master’s Degree from the University of Leeds, where he has lived for most of his life. He moved to Manchester in 2006 to study for his PhD in Image Analysis and Research Dentistry at The University of Manchester. Andrew’s interest in software engineering started as a hobby and developed during his time at the University of Manchester. Throughout his studies, he spent a lot of time programming, writing the software used for image capture and analysis of teeth. After graduating in 2010, he went on to work as a Research Assistant at the university.

Despite being encouraged to stay in academia, Web Applications UK caught Andrew’s eye due to our balance of work and training. He no longer wanted to be a computer programming physicist in the school of dentistry! Explaining how he has learnt more during his time here than he did at university, Andrew enjoys how the relaxed working environment compliments the strong urge to progress and develop.

In his spare time, Andrew spends a lot of time with his friends working on maths experiments for their PhD degrees. Coincidentally, he heard about the job at Web Applications UK through someone at MathsJam! He is a very logical kind of guy and will jump at the opportunity to solve a problem. He is currently tackling daily puzzles set by The University of Melbourne during their Puzzle Hunt, an involving, mentally stimulating challenge spread over a week.

Another of Andrew’s favourite pastimes is watching stand-up comedy in Manchester – his favourite comedian being Andrew O’Neill who performs as a transvestite goth!

Enjoying every element of life at Web Applications UK, one part that Andrew relishes is his Personal Development Time. He is currently using his time to build a live case tracker application for Windows 8. We currently already use a case tracking system and this will be an extension of that to allow quicker and easier tracking of cases.

Andrew has learnt a lot during the past seven months at Web Applications UK and his move to the Traveller 5 team allows him to progress even further. Written from scratch, TR5 will be our most innovative product yet meaning Andrew will be working with the newest technologies.