Rik wins Street Fighter X Tekken tournament

Jack Simpson

Head of Marketing and Communications

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The Street Fighter X Tekken Xbox tournament has come to an end after a long and fierce competition. The first round led Richard, Shui and Jeff straight through to the semi-final round as they were top of the leader board. Placing fourth to joint fifth, Safder, Rob, Ben and I battled it out for the last place in the semi-final.

First up it was Safder v me. After a gruelling match of skill versus button bashing, I came out on top as an expert button basher. Safder was gracious in defeat and congratulated me on my success. In the run up towards Rob and Ben’s match, a lot of fighting talk was exchanged, particularly from Ben. But it seems his bark is worse than his bite and it was a bitter defeat for Ben. So it was me v Rob in the quarter-final match. Unfortunately Rob’s skill outweighed my pressing-random-buttons approach and I was knocked out of the tournament. It’s a miracle I got so far, if we’re honest.

With Rob, Richard, Shui and Jeff in the final, the fixtures were drawn. The two favourites Richard and Shui were paired up along with Jeff and Rob. After the two closest matches of the tournament, Richard and Jeff were through to the final.

As Richard stood unbeaten, Jeff was looking nervous in the beginning but he put up a good fight, only narrowly losing out to Richard for the title. Congratulations go to Richard Nabarro, Street Fighter X Tekken tournament champion 2013!

Now this tournament is over, we’re getting ready for the next one. Starting next week, fifteen competitors will be having the race of their lives in the Mario Kart Wii tournament. Perhaps this will be Shui’s chance to regain his crown as gaming master…