North Chadderton School Business Breakfast

Jack Simpson

Head of Marketing and Communications

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This morning, a range of Oldham based organisations met at North Chadderton School for a business breakfast to discuss a Sixth Form Careers Fair to be held on 2nd July 2013.

The careers fair is aimed at students entering their second year of sixth form and thus assessing their future career opportunities. There is a great deal of apprehension amongst students during this time, deciding whether to go straight into full time employment or take the university route.

Based around career advice and future opportunities, the careers fair will give students the opportunity to speak to employers and gain a real understanding of life after sixth form. This morning’s business breakfast was a chance for local businesses to discuss what they can provide for the careers fair whilst also identifying the needs of the students.

After a short discussion with two sixth formers, Training Manager Shaun and I quickly identified that the students generally are seeking guidance and knowledge. Interview preparation seems in high demand and it was decided that Web Applications will give a short presentation about the working world and what employers are looking for.

These students are the next generation of workers and it is essential that they are fully prepared with the best opportunities available. Passionate about education, Web Applications UK are extremely enthusiastic to be getting involved with this event. We are encouraging other local businesses to contact the school and help the workers of tomorrow.