Nikki's Secrets

Jack Simpson

Head of Marketing and Communications

So it goes

Nikki joined us in summer 2012 from The University of Manchester for her industrial placement year. She has been interested in computers since a very young age and enjoys finding solutions to problems. Before university, Nikki gained three A grades in her A Levels in Psychology, Chemistry and Maths. She then went on to study for a degree in Computer Science.

Similarly to many of our Software Engineers, Nikki heard about Web Applications UK through a friend who happened to be fellow Industrial Placement student James. She went online to check us out and was more than happy with what she saw (yay!).

After initially being unsure as to whether to take an industrial placement year or carry on with her degree, Nikki is now sure she made the right choice. Her time here so far has been challenging but worthwhile, allowing her to gain a great deal of knowledge that she may not have been taught at university. She has gained great experience of working life and what will be expected of her when she graduates. As she has been treated like all of our other Software Engineers for just under a year, she has been given the full responsibility of working in a highly pressurised environment.

So now you know about Nikki the Software Engineer, you may be wondering what the title of this blog is all about. When I sat down with Nikki to find out more about her, I already knew a lot, but all of a sudden, she started to reveal unexpected secrets!

First things first though, a not so secret fact about Nikki is that she has immense baking skills. If you are an avid reader of our blogs, which I am sure you are, then you may already be aware of how good Nikki is at baking. She is that good, she came runner up in Regional Junior Masterchef! Confessing to a sweet tooth, she much prefers baking cakes but has been known to have a dabble at other things in the kitchen. Here are some of her masterpieces to date:

One secret about Nikki is her obsession passion for football, particularly Manchester City. Her interest grew when she was just a child and her dad had a box at Maine Road! Since then she has supported them through thick and thin and is convinced they are going to win the FA Cup this year – we’ll see!

Secret number two: Nikki is a grade 8 piano player and says she can play any tune you give her and you know what, I believe her! She has been known to play a bit of guitar but isn’t a major fan so next on her list is to start playing the drums. With all this musical talent she could create a one woman band!

Secret number three and arguably the biggest secret of all: Nikki may look like butter wouldn’t melt but believe it or not, she is a black belt in jujitsu! Gaining her belt at 16, Nikki has been tough for a long time now so if you don’t like her cakes, I advise you keep it to yourself.

Some more secrets about Nikki include; she is distantly related to Mick Jagger, she is double jointed and can bend her arms out the wrong way (imagine mixing that with a jujitsu move) and wait for it, she is not a natural blonde!

So there I sat, in shock at all of the new things I had learnt about Nikki when I thought I knew her so well. I wonder what else she hides under her big curly hair! We ended our chat by discussing the future. Nikki is hoping to secure a job at Web Applications UK at the end of her placement to return in 2014. Currently part of the development team working on Traveller 5, she has learnt so much in her time here so far and is excited to progress even further in her career as a Software Engineer.