Oh what a night!

The highly anticipated Let’s Get Quizzical event was held last Thursday in The Brindley Room at The Castlefield Rooms, Manchester. Just under 60 Webbies were split into nine teams competing against each other in six rounds of game show related fun.

Hoping to give as many prizes away as possible, the night started with Ant and Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway, scrolling through hilarious photos of each of us Webbies on our ‘supercomputer’. Naomi was in charge of stopping the slideshow randomly and believe it or not, it landed on her! As expected, cries of ‘fix’ came from the audience but I can ensure you it was completely random and she bagged herself a £10 Boots voucher.

Shortly after our first giveaway, we moved onto the first round of six, Webbie Fortunes. Aiming to find the top five answers, teams got stuck in answering statements such as ‘name something you can see but cannot touch’. 404 Team Not Found came out victorious, winning a bottle of champagne and adding points to their final tally.

A Webbie adaptation of Scrapheap Challenge was next on the line up and the challenge involved building the best spaceship out of the materials provided. Judged by myself, Viv and Craig in a Strictly Come Dancing style judging process, teams were scored on innovation, functionality and design. It was clear from the start that each judge was looking for something different as Craig was all about the logistics and myself and Viv often favoured something pretty. But team Righteous Zombie Discotheque were the champions mainly down to a passionate presentation by Keiron!


After all that excitement, it was time for our dinner and the room went quiet whilst everyone indulged in a delicious hot meal. A choice between cheese and onion pie, a portion of chicken rogan josh, or both if they fancied it!

Hoping to bring as many British TV game shows to our Webbies as we could, the next round was suitably titled Never Mind the Big Fat Mock the Week Question of Sport Quiz of the Year. If you haven’t guessed already, this round involved questions on general knowledge, music, sport and guess the headline from our blog. All of the teams scored highly in this round but //TODO: Team Name were triumphant winning a mug that proudly sits on all of their desks to remind other Webbies who are arguably the most knowledgeable!

Two more interactive rounds followed – a Crystal Maze-inspired scavenger hunt to find items spelling W.E.B. A.P.P.S. and a Celebrity Juice style ‘face in hole’ where contestants had one minute to find out who they were by asking yes/no questions. My favourite had to be Training Manager, Shaun as Beyoncé or maybe Finance Director Craig as The Queen! //TODO: Team Name kept up their winning streak as Sophia was the quickest to guess that she had been morphed onto David Beckham’s body.

The final round of the Let’s Get Quizzical game show extravaganza was a family favourite, The Generation Game conveyor belt. All of the teams watched a short video of 23 random items including a set of books, a flying origami set and, obviously, a cuddly toy! The Invalid Characters swooped a victory guessing 15 items correctly, winning what they guessed.

Before we knew it, the quiz night was over and it was time to add up the points to see who would be crowned Let’s Get Quizzical champions 2013. Having not won a round but finished highly in all of them, In the Business of Quizness stole the show with 91 points. Craig presented them with a huge chocolate hamper and trophies that have taken pride of place on their desks.

On top of the quiz night and the delicious food, the generous people at Web Applications UK provided a free bar to all, completing the package for the perfect staff outing. The night was a huge success and we are all counting down until the next one!