Jack Simpson

Head of Marketing and Communications

So it goes

Starting life at Web Applications UK as an industrial placement student, Safder has now been with us for almost three years. During that time he has been a part of several teams but is currently part of our Support department.

While Safder would like to go back to software development eventually, at the moment he tells me he is best placed in Support. Reading code, understanding it and correcting any errors is what he’s most skilled at. This way, he learns about a range of different technologies at once and gets to know the code that makes up all of our software. So when he does re-enter the world of software development, he’ll know all the tricks of the trade to avoid creating bugs. Luckily for us, all our Software Engineers get a taste of this benefit with our support rotation.

Safder, like most people, is a big fan of Web Applications UK, as proven by the long line of people he has recommended to work here. He appreciates the endless training opportunities and ways we enable our developers to improve. During our chat we decided that the Pokémon theme tune quite aptly depicts Web Apps in a way:

“I wanna be the very best,
Like no one ever was.
To catch them is my real test,
To train them is my cause.”

Except we don’t cage our Webbies in pokéballs, honest!

Other than technology, Safder’s interests can be summed up in three words: films, games and wrestling, but Safder doesn’t do things by halves. Watching at least one film per day, Safder is something of a movie addict and seems to retain so much information about them all too! He couldn’t settle on a favourite film but tends to enjoy action movies the most.

When it comes to games, Safder will try just about anything. Video games have always been a part of Safder’s life but it’s only recently he’s got into board games. Our fortnightly Board Game Club (BGC) is where this hobby really got going and over the past few months he has found himself investing in more and more new games. He now has about as many as BGC founder and Services Manager, Rob!

Until Safder opened my eyes to the whole new world of indie wrestling, I’d only heard of WWE. Apparently indie wrestling doesn’t mean they all have long hair and play the guitar, it’s just a less mainstream type of wrestling. The charity bands I assumed Safder was wearing are in fact in support of independent wrestling. Sneaky.

For the future, Safder has three very straightforward goals:

  1. To pass his driving test and get a car. Safder lives in Ashton and tells me that by bus, it takes an hour to get anywhere. This could be quite handy if your destination of choice was Paris or New York, but I think he meant Oldham and Manchester. Those are equally exciting locations though of course!
  2. To take advantage of more training opportunities and gain a Microsoft certification. Safder currently spends most of his PDT and some of his spare time studying towards a SQL certification.
  3. Be the best. Ok so this goal isn’t that straightforward, but I like it. What Safder meant by this was he has no ambitions for a senior role or any great career aspirations. He just wants to be the best he possibly can be as a Software Engineer, if the senior title happens then great but if not then he’ll continue to concentrate on being the best.

As we came to the end of our chat, having realised two hours had passed and we both should have gone home an hour and a half ago, we stumbled upon something great. We are both huge fans of pug dogs!