It's a Knockout

Jack Simpson

Head of Marketing and Communications

So it goes

Back in January we started off the Street Fighter X Tekken Xbox tournament. During the last few months we’ve been hogging the board room whenever it’s free at lunch time to play our games. The thirteen contenders have now all played each other, with a few extra friendly games thrown in for good measure.

With round one of the tournament over, the results are in:

Position Name
1 Richard Nabarro
2 Shui
3 Jeff
4 Safder
5 Rob I
5 Ben L
5 Natalie
8 Anel
8 Richard Newman
10 Allan
11 Dale
12 Chris H
12 James R

As per the tournament rules, Richard Nabarro, Shui and Jeff have automatically made it through to the final, leaving Safder, Rob, Ben and I to battle it out for the fourth spot in the final round. From the beginning Shui was the favourite, having won many video game tournaments in the past. But it was dark horse, and relatively new Webbie Richard Nabarro who managed to get through the entire first round totally undefeated. When Shui and Richard went head to head, it was a close fight but Richard’s calm and confident approach took him to victory. Since then Shui has boasted of improvement, claiming he will be able to beat Richard when he next faces him in the final.

Who knows how it will turn out, but congratulations and good luck go to those who are through to the next stages!