Go Go Gadget Gordon!

Jack Simpson

Head of Marketing and Communications

Clapton is god

Every now and then we post a blog profiling one of our fellow Webbies. Recently, it dawned on us that there are no profiles about the founders of Web Applications UK, Gordon and Lee, without whom there would be no Webbies and worse, no blogs! So this week it’s Gordon’s turn for a profile…

Once upon a time, in a land not so far away (about a 6 minute walk away, to be precise) Gordon and Lee found themselves in a tiny office embarking on a business venture. At 24 they set up with two computers from home, two cheap desks, two daffy duck bins donated by Lee’s sister and two green mugs given by Gordon’s now wife, Mirella.

With blank screens in front of them, Gordon and Lee wrote the sophisticated reservations system we now know as Traveller, from scratch. Taking a trip to an accountant to sort out some of the formalities, they were asked what they wished to name this brand new business. These small things weren’t important to them back then, so they stuck a pin in a random place on a book of available company names and landed on Web Applications UK. True story.

Since then, Gordon and Lee have seen their business grow into the vast empire it is today with Craig at the helm as Chief Executive. Web Applications UK now provides employment for over 80 Webbies and occupies the entire commercial space of Windsor Works, as well as expanding into the building next door with The Centre of Excellence. The site of the first office still remains a sacred place for all of us, as it is now KFC.

Gordon’s role hasn’t actually changed much since then, he’s still coding! Currently looking into ways to improve internal processes, Gordon has been working with our Systems department and has developed an asset tracking system utilising QR codes.

Back in the 80s is where Gordon’s interest in technology and coding began with his very first computer – an Atari. Gordon went on to graduate from the University of Salford with a degree in Business Information Systems. Since then, Gordon has remained in touch with his university and as a result, Web Applications UK will be sponsoring Salford Business School’s 25th Anniversary Ball.

Gadgets are Gordon’s big weakness, it seems almost weekly he will have something new to play with. The gizmo he’s currently raving about is his Damson Cisor – a portable speaker which uses whatever surface it is placed on to provide unbelievable sound from such a little device. His current phone is a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 but you can be sure he will have an S4 as soon as they’re released!

As Lego collections go, Gordon’s is rather impressive. Mainly consisting of Star Wars models, he insists he’s only into the serious Lego. None of this Duplo stuff and he’s a firm believer that Mega Bloks are just plain wrong! His converted attic, or as Gordon likes to call it, his Man Cave has all his completed models proudly on display.

Along with his wife Mirella, daughter Jess and cat Stoofer, Gordon lives in Littleborough, close to Hollingworth Lake. In his spare time, Gordon visits the lake often and indulges in another hobby of his – photography.

Images taken by Gordon Pearce, permission received for use on this blog. 

Eventually, Gordon plans on buying a house in Holland, possibly close to his wife’s hometown, Den Helder. Though he’s of course too young to be thinking about it already (flattery will get you everywhere), he hopes that he and Mirella will retire there one day. So, as these ‘once upon a time’ stories always end, there’s our happily ever after!