Gettin' quizzy with it

Jack Simpson

Head of Marketing and Communications

So it goes

Two weeks today will see the Webbies put their general knowledge, skills and competitiveness to the test in our Let’s Get Quizzical staff outing.

Since the announcement 5 weeks ago, everyone has been split up into 9 teams and are now deciding on their team names. Back in 2011, a Web Applications UK quiz night was held and many interesting team names were chosen including Universally Challenged and Hacktastic 4. I can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with this time!

The teams this year are as follows:

Team Team Team Team Team
Kevin Ryan Gordon Keiron Andrew S
Shui Lee Richard Newman Shebnem Matt T
Chris H Kerry Ethan Chris S Paul
Chryssi Ilken Shaun Andrew T Natalie
James G Simon F James R Kris Richard Nabarro
Ben L Mark Keeley Alex Z
Team Team Team Team
Dalli Louise Ian John S
Mario Giles Rehan Nikki
Cheryl Craig K Lilly Kat
Stephen Janine Matt M Dale
Patrick Safder Shahbaz Rob J
Allan Andy F Sophia Anel

The night will consist of six rounds from the best of British TV game shows involving a mixture of question and answer rounds along with more interactive elements and challenges. There will be many opportunities to win prizes throughout the night including prizes for the winners of each round and the quiz as a whole and, believe me, there are some good ones. Chief Executive, Craig will act as Quizmaster for the evening and we are expecting a whole host (excuse the pun) of catchphrases throughout the night.

If all this wasn’t enough, we’re being treated to a free bar and a buffet dinner!

It’s set to be a great night and there will be lots of surprises too! All will be revealed in due course but you’ll just have to wait and see…