Meet Support Software Engineer, Richard

Jack Simpson

Head of Marketing and Communications

Clapton is god

This week I met with Software Engineer, Richard to find out more about him and why he loves his job. While we were chatting I took the opportunity to get a very brief computer science lesson from Richard. He related programming to Minecraft; while a language provides you with a base, functions and restraints, within that platform you can develop whatever you like. If I’m honest I still don’t understand fully, but it was nice of him to try.

Having completed a year of a Maths with Computer Science degree, Richard realised that he was concentrating on his CS modules too much and wasn’t really interested in maths. He switched degrees and graduated in 2012 with a Computer Science degree from The University of Manchester. In a way, this choice of course was inevitable; as a child Richard would take apart computers to see how they work. He’s always been fascinated by computers and enjoyed that they’re (mostly) predictable. Providing solutions using algorithms is what drew him to the software side of IT.

Between university, working here, and researching in his own time, Richard is able to code in several different languages including: Java, PHP, Python, VB, Prolog, Assembly language, ASP, JavaScript, HTML and jQuery. That’s a whole lot of acronyms!

Richard joined Web Applications UK fresh from university in August last year. The past eight months have been a massive learning curve but he has enjoyed every minute of it! As a Software Engineer in our busy Support department, Richard spends his days fixing bugs and providing support to our customers. He says he prefers that to working in development as it is challenging and always something different. But what he loves most about his job is the people he works with (I’m going to include myself in this).

As a regular at every Webbie social occasion, Richard gets involved in 5 a side football, Board Game Club, curry night, Xbox tournaments, nights out, movie nights and trips to the Frog & Bucket Comedy Club. Speaking of comedy nights out… There’s a humorous anecdote of a time when Richard drank copious amounts of wine,  but I have been forbidden from telling that one. I was warned with Richard’s serious face and “you won’t like me when I’m angry”. So, to prevent a Hulk-like scene, you’ll have to take my word for it that it was hilarious.


One thing I already knew about Richard before our chat for this blog is that he is obsessed a fan of TV series, The Walking Dead. In fact, zombies cropped up in our conversation quite often. When confronted, Richard did admit to having a bit of a thing for zombies – Shaun of the Dead, Zombieland, Dawn of the Dead, 28 Days Later and Resident Evil are some of his favourite movies. While his favourite Xbox game is Call of Duty (zombie mode, obviously).

Working towards a SQL certification, Richard is improving as a developer. As for the future, who knows where his career may take him, but he has in mind the paths of becoming either a Senior Engineer or maybe even a Project Manager!