Buddy Programming at Web Applications UK

Jack Simpson

Head of Marketing and Communications

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Here at Web Applications UK, we encourage our employees to develop and progress in their careers in every way possible. One technique that is currently being embraced more than ever is buddy programming.

Also known as pair programming, this initiative involves two people developing software together on a specific project. One person becomes the driver, in control of the computer and writing the code. The driver is changed in hourly intervals, when the other takes charge.

A key benefit of this is the sharing of knowledge, experience and expertise between Webbies. They are able to learn things that may not be necessarily taught, techniques that are often only learnt through experience. Each individual is able to see things from a different programming style, putting a new angle on their work and allowing them to develop and adapt accordingly.

The well-known saying of ‘a problem shared is a problem halved’ is epitomised by buddy programming.  Developers are able to problem solve together, often coming to a solution quicker and potentially minimising future errors by both of them. In turn, this improves code quality, ensuring that what is produced is to the highest standard.

Team work is a key element of working life at Web Applications UK. Buddy programming allows our Software Engineers to work in a closely on the same project. By developing together, there is a higher chance of everyone involved being on the same wave length, working towards the same goal, in the same way.

Ultimately, buddy programming improves the confidence of developers involved. The Webbies currently working through buddy programming have described it as a ‘fun way to complete any task’.