An egg-citing day for all

Jack Simpson

Head of Marketing and Communications

Clapton is god

As the four day weekend approaches, that’s not the only thing getting us excited in the Web Applications UK office. Upon arrival this morning, our Webbies were greeted with lots of chocolate treats littered in hiding places around the office. It seemed the Easter bunny had been!

Many were in plain sight but those often proved hardest to find as people were searching in cupboards and fridges, missing the ones stuck on the wall in clear view. Fun and laughter filled the office as everyone took on the challenge to find all of the treats. Chocolate for breakfast is definitely a great start to the day!

But the Easter bunny did not stop there, an epic chocolate prize was hidden in a secret location with riddles left behind to lead the most cunning Webbie to their victory. Working mostly in pairs, Webbies followed the clues in and around the offices to lead them to a delicious chocolate prize. Three teams and lone hunter Richard took on the challenge and started at Naomi who gave them their first clue. Making their way around the office, following clues, they eventually arrived at myself. Giving them their last clue, I told them; “You’re almost there, no need to go far, your chocolate treat is behind the company…”.

Richard was the first to make his way to me and guessed immediately that the prize was hidden behind the company car. Only a few seconds later, the following three teams received their last clue and it was a race to the finish. But Richard was just too far ahead to catch up, so he bagged himself the prize – a Lindt chocolate hamper with Easter eggs and chocolate bunnies! In a lovely gesture, egg hunt champion Richard kindly shared his bounty with his fellow competitors.

An egg-cellent (I’m sorry, I had to) day was had by all, whata great way to lead into a four day weekend!