Mengjie's coding passion is in full swing

Jack Simpson

Head of Marketing and Communications

I know it was you, Fredo.

Software Engineer Mengjie joined Web Applications UK in July 2012 and has described his experience so far as an excellent adventure. But Mengjie’s not only a skilful programmer, he’s a master of badminton too…

Originally from Shanghai in China, Mengjie gained a degree in Engineering from the University of Shanghai for Science and Technology. As part of his degree, he studied an IT module where his interest in technology developed. After graduating, he went on to work as a Technician in the IT department of a company in Shanghai, troubleshooting problems and maintaining the network. Over time, he became more interested in software development and he changed roles to become a Software Engineer, developing their databases. After working there for two years, Mengjie decided he wanted a change and moved to the UK in 2000.

After meeting us at a job fair at the Museum of Science and Industry, Mengjie browsed our website and realised that this is the kind of place he was looking for. Not only were we offering a job that he was passionate about, he said we also came across as a welcoming team with a good working environment. After completing his research in Computer Science and Information Systems at Liverpool John Moores University, he applied for the job here and became a member of the team shortly after.

Mengjie’s role here involves developing software, testing and working on a range of systems. Since he became a Webbie, he has spent four weeks working in our Support department which broadened his knowledge of the products and the company as a whole. The rotation aspect of his role is a key benefit for Mengjie.

Continually improving himself is important to Mengjie as he is keen to develop his career. He feels his Personal Development Time is a great opportunity for self-evaluation and a chance to better himself. During this time, he has been focusing on studying for exams that he sits at The Centre of Excellence. Mengjie also spends his PDT looking and researching the latest technology for developing software. He enjoys the weekly training sessions led by Directors, Lee and Craig. Not only do these sessions help him learn to code in a range of different languages but he told me that Craig and Lee pass on real life experiences that aren’t often learnt from books or online training.

In his spare time, Mengjie likes to play badminton. Having initially started as a hobby, he now plays competitively and is part of a team in Liverpool. Through playing badminton he has also taught himself how to string rackets and now provides a badminton racket restringing service for players at all levels in Liverpool.

Another hobby of Mengjie’s is photography. He will happily snap a picture of anything but particularly enjoys capturing natural views and landscapes. Travelling is another way Mengjie likes to fill his free time and loves visiting North Wales. He often combines the two and takes photos of the places he visits on his travels.

It’s clear that Mengjie genuinely loves his job, not only the software development but the general atmosphere too. He enthusiastically takes part in all social events, but particularly enjoys our charity events as he says they are a fun way to socialise whilst raising money for a good cause. He enjoys contributing to charities that provide for those who are in need.