Budget 2013: The Webbie Perspective

Jack Simpson

Head of Marketing and Communications

So it goes

As the Budget was announced yesterday, 20th March 2013, Webbies gathered around the TVs in the kitchen areas, eagerly anticipating the proposals and discussing the impact on our everyday lives. HM Treasury has described this Budget as one which will help those who aspire to work hard, buy a home, start a business or save for retirement – all values which we share. So, with the help of our Finance Director, Craig K, let’s reflect on the Budget from a Webbie point of view…

With our average age being just 31, we are delighted by the Chancellor’s Help to Buy scheme which will assist first time buyers in getting on the property ladder and current home owners to buy new property. Combined with the various new build housing projects and ongoing infrastructure investment in Oldham and the surrounding areas, these are exciting times for us and the town as a whole.

The costs of childcare can be a heavy burden on working families. However, Osborne’s introduction of a tax-free childcare scheme should help to ease this. It is welcomed by us as it will give the working parents within our team peace of mind when returning to work.

As a company we take great pride in doing business in the right way, and maintaining strong ethics. We are pleased to contribute to the economy in any way possible, including paying tax. Therefore we are in full support of the crackdown on tax avoidance and evasion.

Web Applications UK is actively involved with education in the local area so we are delighted that the budget for schools remains ring-fenced. With close relationships with local primary and secondary schools, we continue to pioneer change in the IT curriculum in the UK and develop an effective approach to teaching IT.

Recruitment is a year-round process for us, as we are constantly on the lookout for talented individuals to join our expanding team. In doing so, we feel that we have made a positive contribution towards realigning the balance of jobs from the public to the private sector. Please see our vacancies for further details.

Finally, with the higher rate of Corporation Tax falling to 20%, this means more money will be paid out to all Webbies through our annual profit share scheme. Plus, with the freeze in fuel tax duty and 1p reduction in the cost of a pint of beer, we just don’t know what we will do with all this surplus cash!