Doing something funny for money

Jack Simpson

Head of Marketing and Communications

I know it was you, Fredo.

It has been 25 years since the first Red Nose Day, a fantastic event that raises vital funds to transform lives across the UK and Africa. This year was no different and Web Applications UK joined in the fundraising, contributing towards the current total of £72,107,851.

Comic Relief helps people in the UK in a range of different ways including; supporting victims of domestic and sexual abuse, young carers and those with mental health issues. Over in Africa, the money mainly helps those affected by HIV and AIDS and those living in urban slums.

Positive Steps Oldham is one organisation that benefits greatly from the fundraising on Red Nose Day. It helps disadvantaged young people with alcohol problems, providing information about the harmful effects of alcohol whilst offering treatment and support for those who need to cut down their drinking.

Similarly to all of our charity days, we had a non-uniform day and all wore red for the day. Some people were more creative than others with our Services Manager Rob and Director Gordon sporting red lipstick (and pulling it off surprisingly well!) In keeping with tradition, we also had a cake sale with Industrial Placement Student Nikki baking an amazing red ladybird cake.

In order to raise the most money possible, we organised Dares for Dosh. Webbies chose from a list of office-based dares and for those who successfully completed the dare, Web Applications UK donated to Red Nose Day and the daring Webbie received a little prize. Many stood up to the challenge, with the completed dares including a 20 second photo shoot by Jeff, a pint of milk downed by Dale and a Beyoncé imitation from Rehan. Whilst all of the dares were highly entertaining, my particular favourite was done by Naomi. She had to end any conversation with a Director by saying “I like your style” and shooting at them with double-barrelled fingers!

The total raised was £184.27 which was matched by a generous company donation, giving us a grand total of £368.54. A fantastic amount raised for a very worthy cause, and a great time was had by all involved!