New car park is one step closer

Jack Simpson

Head of Marketing and Communications

So it goes

Since Web Applications UK relocated to our home, Windsor Works in 2009, our team has grown astronomically. Now 90 people strong and still recruiting, we have taken over the entire commercial space of Windsor Works, rather than the singular floor we initially inhabited.

As the team grew, demand for car parking spaces naturally increased. Our green fenced car park started to fill up more and more each week. Of course, we anticipated this in advance and a plan was put into place to expand our car park.

After purchasing Bridge House, a derelict building opposite, the plan was in motion. In August last year, Bridge House was demolished and all that was left to do was to close the road between the demolition site and the car park.

This week, we got one step closer as we were able to close the road, instantly opening up new spaces. The first bits of new fencing have been put in place which will provide a walkway once the car park is complete.

The plans include an extra 40 car parking spaces as well as a bigger area for bicycles, almost doubling our current facilities. This means not only more spaces for our team, but for our visitors and The Centre of Excellence customers too.