Wear a daffodil, Make a difference

Jack Simpson

Head of Marketing and Communications

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Throughout March, Marie Curie Cancer Care hold their Great Daffodil Appeal aiming to raise money to nurse terminally ill people. Web Applications UK have joined in with millions of people across the UK by wearing our daffodil pins. A donation, no matter how small, will make huge difference in the final hours of those who really need it.

Today, we took part in Marie Curie’s national Wear Something Yellow to Work day. For a £2 donation, Web Applications UK employees were able to wear their own clothes for the day, providing they wear at least one yellow item. The offices were quickly turned into a sea of yellow, with people even bringing in their yellow cuddly toys!

With the number of charity days over the past few months, we have eaten enough cake to last us a lifetime, so we decided to have a savoury food sale. Some of the things on offer included homemade cheese and onion pie, cheesy bread, smoothies and cheese and onion rolls. Despite our best efforts, a few delicious cakes somehow managed to sneak their way in, but we weren’t complaining!

During lunchtime, we held a “Guess what’s in the box” game where some of the surprises included; toothpaste, porridge and shaving foam! A few brave Webbies stood up to the challenge with Pete being triumphant in a close tie breaker to guess the scouring sponges! He won a big box of chocolates with the runners up all being treated to some maltesers.

After a successful day of fundraising, we are expecting to raise around £150! We have another charity day in two weeks for Comic Relief with more exciting treats and surprises in store!