Return of the Frog

Jack Simpson

Head of Marketing and Communications

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Since our first outing to the Frog & Bucket as a group last month, there have been many cries for a repeat visit. Some missed out on the first time while others just can’t get enough! So on Monday we gathered together for another night of Beat the Frog.

Our compere for the evening was once again Phil Ellis who was his usual hilarious self. Bonding with one member of the front row in particular, he had us all laughing to the point of tears as he poked fun at the audience member’s ridiculously expensive red trainers… I guess you had to be there. Luckily, we managed to escape being targets of his banter and he swiftly moved on to introducing the acts of the evening.

Beat the Frog consists of two more experienced comedians on stage to warm up our laughter muscles, followed by around ten amateur comedians who compete in the Beat the Frog competition. If you’re not familiar with how the competition works, see our previous blog.

When it came to the time of handing out cards, Network Engineer Janine was waving her arms around hoping to be picked, and she was! To get to know her a little, Ellis asked her what she does for a living, keeping things simple she replied “I work in IT” to which all he could say was “…yep, there’s no comedy there. Have a card!” Celebratory high fives ensued and the competition got underway.

Some of the acts were brilliant, and others not so great but Janine started off generously and saved one from failure being the only one not to raise her card. As the night went on, she became more assertive and the only female comedian of the night was off the stage in well under a minute due to the very awkward silence that followed her jokes.

With five comedians managing to beat the frog, deciding on a winner was difficult. In the end, after an undeniably rapturous applause and painfully loud cheering, the first act, David Jesudason was declared the winner!

Before the end of the night, a raffle was held for two free tickets to a Thursday/Friday show. Having all entered our names, we had been eagerly awaiting this moment. Then it came, and the name read out was… me! What a perfect end to another brilliant evening.

See you again soon Frog & Bucket!