Goals Galore for Dr K

Jack Simpson

Head of Marketing and Communications

Those who believe in telekinetics, raise my hand.

It has been a great few weeks for our beloved town. The spotlight has been on Oldham Athletic from their win against Liverpool FC in the fourth round of the FA Cup two weeks ago. Since then, our local football team have been using this publicity to raise and encourage others to raise money for charity. Their chosen cause is Dr Kershaw’s Hospice in Royton, Oldham. So, to rally support for the OAFC lads in the run up to the Oldham Athletic v Everton FC match on Saturday, the Oldham Chronicle have been urging local businesses and schools to hold a Blue Day for Dr K.

As us Webbies love a good charity day, we got whole-heartedly behind the event on Friday. Shedding our trademark black shirts in favour of blue clothes, we donated £1 for the pleasure. Our sister company WAUKCE joined in, with the Test Centre Administrators also donning blue.

Sweepstake games were sent around, including a ‘guess when the first goal will be scored’ competition. I was feeling confident with my 12th minute prediction until on the day, the first goal was scored in the 13th minute, so close yet so far! Congratulations to Ryan who not only won £5 for his correct prediction, but another £5 for also picking the lucky team in our randomly drawn sweepstake!

No charity day would be complete in our office without copious amounts of cake and Friday was no exception. Winner of the Hansel & Gretel Webbie Award, Viv lived up to her title and created a delicious Cookie Monster cake. Inspired by the OAFC logo and mascot, Nikki baked a fabulous Chaddy the Owl cake which looked almost too good to eat!

In keeping with the football theme, the highlight of the day has to be the penalty shootout. With our Chief Executive, Craig in goal, a queue of Webbies lined up to take a shot. OAFC mascot Chaddy the Owl came to visit and join in with the fun. Despite surprisingly impressive goalkeeping skills, Craig conceded ten goals, meaning the company pledged to donate £100!

So far we have raised over £200, and the donations are still flowing in. It was a great day and we’re thrilled to have done our bit for Oldham Athletic and, most importantly, the fantastic cause of Dr Kershaw’s Hospice.