A Flippin' Great Day

Yesterday, we joined in with the rest of the country and enjoyed Pancake Day! Formally known as Shrove Tuesday, this marks the last day before Lent in the Christian calendar. Pancakes are chosen as it is the last opportunity to indulge in food that isn’t traditionally eaten during lent; milk, butter and eggs.  Not one to miss an opportunity, we got stuck in and made our own pancakes!

Naomi kindly brought in her portable hob meaning that along with our batter, oil and toppings, we were set to go! I got the ball rolling but my first few attempts looked a bit like scrambled eggs! Cue Viv to step in and live up to her Hansel and Gretel Webbie Award of the best baker, making it look easy!

Before we knew it, we had a line of hungry Webbies waiting for their pancake, adding either lemon, sugar or chocolate to the top. Yum!

The pancakes were delicious and a lovely way to brighten up a Tuesday morning. We have been spoilt this week with Chinese dumplings on Monday and pancakes on Tuesday. Roll on Friday for Blue Day for Dr K cakes!