Keiron Proves There's No Rest For The Wicked

Jack Simpson

Head of Marketing and Communications

I know it was you, Fredo.

Having been with us for over six months now, self-taught Software Engineer Keiron is relishing the challenge that Web Applications UK provides. Before joining us he worked for another software house but didn’t find it fulfilling, and after a year he was ready for a change. That’s when we caught his eye with our fun working environment, use of the latest technologies and challenging development of sophisticated software.

Keiron is part of our Support department and enjoys investigating the cause of issues and fixing them. One of his favourite parts of working here is the continuous learning aspect of his role. Using his Personal Development Time wisely, Keiron is currently studying towards a SQL certification and noted the convenience of being able to take his exam at our Centre of Excellence.

Originally from Bridlington, just south of Scarborough, Keiron moved to Manchester four years ago for work. Now living in Salford, Keiron cycles the 15 mile journey to work every single day. Whether it’s blowing a gale, pouring with rain or six inches deep in snow, Keiron hops on his bike and cheerily makes his way to Oldham.

Cycling for Keiron is not just a means to an end but a hobby he is extremely passionate about. His aim is to cycle at least 250 miles per week, he clocks up around 150 miles cycling to and from work meaning it takes some lengthy rides at the weekend to fulfil his goal. At one point, Keiron owned around 20 different bikes, but after a clear out he’s currently down to 7. One of his biggest achievements is cycling across Nullarbor Plain, Australia in 11 days – that’s over 850 miles! His next goal is to cycle across Russia, eager to take on a vast expanse of nothingness.

Having installed solar panels on his house, he now has a self-contained office powered entirely by solar energy. In fact, Keiron is something of a handyman. The house he bought a few years ago needs a lot of work so instead of hiring someone to fix it, Keiron spends most of his spare time researching how to do things and getting them done himself.

Going to festivals is one way Keiron likes to enjoy himself. Having been to Glastonbury, Cambridge Rock Festival and Strawberry Fields to name just a few, Keiron is something of a festival connoisseur. Often volunteering as part of the ‘green patrol’ which comes with the bonus of private camping, Keiron does his bit by picking up litter and ensuring no camp fires get out of hand.


A few years ago at Leeds Festival, Keiron was helping to put out a camp fire when a gas canister blew up. Despite seeing nothing but flames around him, Keiron survived with nothing but a few singed hairs and a quickly-healed wound on his leg. With no scars to show for it, Keiron is a very lucky man or perhaps our very own Captain Scarlet. In fact, since a fortune teller told him he would live until he was 80, he has survived a few near death experiences. Spooky!

One of the things I find most intriguing about Keiron is that he doesn’t own a TV! But with cycling, work, volunteering with Groundwork and doing copious amounts of DIY, I guess he has no time for such things!