Fighting for the title of Xbox tournament champion

Jack Simpson

Head of Marketing and Communications

So it goes

As the last Xbox tournament came to an end, some were happy for winner Dale, others were bitter about losing but everyone was united in feeling sad that it was over. To combat this grief, a new competition got underway this week. The chosen Xbox game is Street Fighter X Tekken, a crossover fighting game featuring characters from both beloved 90s video games; Capcom’s Street Fighter and Namco’s Tekken.

The competition has been set up as a round robin tournament initially, so we’ll all play each other once. After this, the top three will qualify for the final stage (a traditional single elimination tournament). Places fourth to seventh will battle it out to see who joins them. The winner will receive the trophy that is currently residing with Dale.

The first few matches have taken place during lunch times this week, transforming the board room into a serious battle ground. You can see the results in the table below:

A mixed assortment of players means there could be some surprises and it’s going to be tough to call the winner. But here’s the lowdown on our contenders:

  1. Shui Ip, Senior Software Engineer, is known in the office as our gaming pro, so he’s likely to be the favourite, though he came last in the FIFA tournament
  2. Ben Lewis, Software Engineer, could be a dark horse after showing off some skills in his first match
  3. Mark Walker, Project Manager, had his pride injured in the FIFA tournament so he could be back to seek revenge
  4. Chris Haslam, Software Engineer, relied on button bashing for his first game, he’ll need to learn the moves if he wants to go far
  5. Jeff Ng, Senior Software Engineer, is yet to play but has been giving advice to others already
  6. Allan Lowe, Senior Network Engineer, clearly has more knowledge than he’s letting on
  7. Rob Illing, Services Manager, is the founder of BGC, but does he have the same skills with video games as he does with board games?
  8. Safder Iqbal, Software Engineer, is the keen organiser and seems to have done his research about the game
  9. Dale Roberts, Network Engineer, was the champion of the FIFA tournament and will fight hard to retain his crown
  10. Anel Blazevic, Graphic Designer, has displayed expert button bashing
  11. James Rowlands, Industrial Placement Software Engineer, is more of a DotA kind of guy, but hopefully he can apply some of those skills to this game
  12. Richard Nabarro, Graphic Designer, remembers a lot of moves from his days playing on Street Fighter as a youngster
  13. Ian Munro, Software Engineer, has remained quiet on this topic and we’re yet to see how good he is
  14. Richard Newman, Software Engineer, says he’s not confident with fighting games but perhaps he wants to be underestimated
  15. And then there is me – Natalie Bailey, PR Assistant and the only female in the competition. While I lost my first match, I’m hoping to make a comeback after some essential training from a mystery gaming guru who shall remain nameless (*cough*Gordon*cough*).

So who will win? There’s only one way to find out, FIGHT!