Beat The Frog!

Jack Simpson

Head of Marketing and Communications

Clapton is god

After the success of the previous comedy night out, another ‘serious night out’ was long overdue. Last night, a group of Webbies braved the snow and made the journey into Manchester for a night at The Frog and Bucket.

Beat the Frog is a weekly night at The Frog and Bucket where up to 10 acts step up to try and impress the audience. Three random members of the audience are given a card each which they are to hold up if they don’t like the act – a bit like Britain’s Got Talent. The comedians have 5 minutes to entertain us and if they don’t, they may receive 3 cards meaning it’s time to leave the stage!

Compere Phil Ellis had the audience laughing from the outset with audience interaction – luckily we were sat near the back, so we escaped falling victim!

One by one, the 9 amateur comedians took to the stage with their material, aiming to have the audience in stitches. Starting off well, the first 4 comedians beat the frog, until the next comedian came on. This incredibly nervous “comedian” went into his own world and before he knew it, he was faced with three cards and had to leave the stage to the tune of Beck’s Loser – it was a sad situation.

The penultimate comedian was my personal favourite. Lee was a typical Mancunian, making the audience laugh by describing his real life experiences, in a similar style to Peter Kay.

The mood was high and everyone was having a great time until the final comedian came on. He didn’t get off to a great start when he insulted one of the more vocal members of the audience who happened to be part of a large group. He lasted all of around 20 seconds before the cards were up and he was booed off stage!

After a short break, the compere invited the comedians who beat the frog back on stage to decide the final winner. Determined by level of applause, cheer and general noise, an Irish comedian stole the show and was crowned winner with Lee in second place.

As someone who has never been to a comedy club before, I had a great first experience of stand-up comedy! Great comedy, good food and drinks and excellent company made the perfect mix for a fun evening. We are even thinking of making it into a regular occasion – minus the snow, hopefully!