Codejo 2: Test Driven Development

Jack Simpson

Head of Marketing and Communications

Clapton is god

If you’ve read the previous blog, you’ll already know that a codejo is an event where developers meet to hone their skills by performing katas. Taken from the Japanese martial art practice, katas are detailed choreographed patterns of movement performed either solo or in pairs. These katas are exercised with the idea that the skills learned become second nature during a fight situation. For developers, katas are used to enhance programming skills in the real world.

A group of Webbies gathered in The Centre of Excellence on Wednesday evening for our second codejo. Practicing their coding skills in pairs, they performed the Prime Factors kata using C# and Test Driven Development.

Fully supporting the after-hours event, Web Applications UK provided the food to keep them happy while they enjoyed the informal atmosphere. The evening was organised and attended entirely voluntarily, proving just how passionate our Webbies are about coding! Currently we have monthly codejos, but there have been calls for a weekly event as they just can’t get enough. One attendee even had to be politely but forcibly removed when it was time to leave as he was so reluctant to abandon what he was doing!

Once again, we are looking forward to the next codejo which will focus on the tennis kata and take place in February.