Plymouth’s Loss is Web Apps’ Gain

Jack Simpson

Head of Marketing and Communications

Clapton is god

Born in Plymouth, Software Engineer Kevin moved to Manchester in June 2011 when he first joined Web Applications UK. After graduating with a degree in Computer Systems and Networks from The University of Plymouth, Kevin headed north to live in a city he has always loved.

Prior to joining us Kevin worked part time at McDonalds, eventually working his way up to Shift Manager. But flipping burgers was not his forte and that’s when he focused on his real passion, software development.

Kevin was initially attracted to working at Web Applications UK as it appeared to have a good balance of work and play, exactly what he was looking for. He has now been here for around 19 months and it has definitely lived up to his expectations.

An 8-4 kind of guy, Kevin takes full advantage of flexi-time and is often the first person in the office. During his time here, he has progressed in his role and developed as a Software Engineer by gaining a number of qualifications including CITP (Certified Information Technology Professional). Continuous training and support is a real benefit of working at here for Kevin. Not only did he receive high quality training when he first started, but he has received support for continuous personal development throughout. “An ideal place to develop in your profession” is how Kevin described Web Applications UK, adding that The Centre of Excellence being located next door is ideal.

Kevin really values his personal development time. Every Wednesday afternoon, he is able to put his usual work to one side and work on whatever he likes. Currently preparing for his MCSD (Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer) qualification, Kevin uses his time wisely to improve himself as a Software Engineer. Every employee at Web Applications UK has a personal training budget; money that can be used to better themselves within their role. Kevin has taken full advantage of this and has attended various conferences and courses that have helped him to progress.

Kevin is currently working on Traveller 5 with his team and is really enjoying the challenge. However, he always remembers to have fun and the social side to life here is another thing that Kevin really values, with the Christmas party being his highlight so far (he is already looking forward to the next one!) He regularly attends the night out and is often first to the dance floor.

In his spare time, Kevin enjoys baking bread and brings in a freshly baked bread roll for his lunch every day without fail. Socialising with friends is another way Kevin likes to spend his spare time, particularly going to gigs. Easy Star All Stars was the last gig he went to in November and he is going to see the Britain’s Got Talent auditions in February (not sure if you would call that a gig but I am very jealous either way!) Always eager to learn, Kevin is currently teaching himself how to play the acoustic guitar and can play two songs already.

To finish off, I decided to ask Kevin a few quick-fire questions…

McDonalds or Burger King? McDonalds (figures!)
Pepsi or Coke? Coke
Cold or Hot? Cold
Tea or Coffee? Coffee
Android or iPhone? Android
Night In or Night Out? Night Out
Family Guy or The Simpsons? Family Guy
Indian Food or Chinese Food? Indian
Music or Films? Music
Manchester or Plymouth? Manchester (yay!)