Suguna Celebrates Her First Webbiversary

Jack Simpson

Head of Marketing and Communications

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Software Engineer Suguna has recently celebrated her first year at Web Applications UK so I sat down with her to have a chat about her time here so far.

Suguna has loved her first year at Web Applications UK. Her favourite part of her role is the opportunity to work in all areas of the company including development, testing and support. She particularly likes working on a project from the initial development, seeing it go live with a client then working on customisations. This has not only widened her skill set but has given her increased responsibility which in turn has increased her confidence in her work.

Suguna is currently part of a team of five, with one of those members being Stephen, her Project Manager. One of the great things about working at Web Applications UK is being part of team, Suguna enjoys having daily interactions with her Project Manager so she is always clear on what she has to do.

Originally from Chennai in South India, Suguna moved to Manchester in 2010 to study for her Master’s Degree in Database and Web Based Systems at The University of Salford. Previous to this, Suguna gained a degree in Computer Science from Anna University, India where her course was dominated by females – quite the opposite to the UK!

Suguna hasn’t been back to India since she moved here just over two years ago, meaning she is more than looking forward to visiting in March. This visit will be extra special as she will get to see her nephew for the first time!

In her spare time, Suguna loves to cook with her housemates, particularly Indian food and delicacies that she used to enjoy back home. Watching movies is another way that Suguna likes to spend her free time, and loves a good comedy film! Suguna also enjoys reading, particularly historical novels with her favourite being Ponniyin Selvan, a historical novel set in the 10th and 11th centuries.

Suguna had nothing but nice things to say about working here and said she would always recommend Web Applications UK to her friends. She immediately felt welcomed and part of the team and loves how friendly and approachable everyone is.