Dale wins FIFA 13 Xbox tournament

Jack Simpson

Head of Marketing and Communications

I know it was you, Fredo.

The Web Applications UK FIFA 13 Xbox tournament came to an end this week as Dale Roberts claimed his crown as FIFA champion.

Starting in October, the six minute matches were played most lunch times. With a long list of rules in place, this was a serious competition for the six players.

Choosing Denmark as his team to take him to the top, Dale was confident from the beginning. Fighting talk was exchanged between Dale and fellow Ant & Dec Award winner, Mark, who finished second to last. Not conceding a single goal in his first few matches, Dale was a clear contender for the win along with Richard who also got off to a great start. Just as it started to look like a close race between Dale and Richard, the worst thing possible happened – the Xbox displayed the Red Ring of Death!

After a brief mourning period, the Xbox was replaced and the contest resumed. Both Dale and Richard faltered as Richard slipped down the league table and Dale conceded a few goals. Safder took advantage and climbed the ranks, beating Shui 5-0 in one of the highest scoring games of the tournament. On his last two games, all Safder needed was a draw and a win to claim victory. After losing the first, his last hope was to force a tie by winning his last match by three goals, something he narrowly missed out on when he missed an open goal.

The final league table stands at:

Name Points Goal Difference
Dale 18 7
Safder 18 6
Richard 8 0
Graham 8 -4
Mark 6 0
Shui 6 -5


For his triumph, Dale was awarded a pizza paid for by his competitors, a personalised trophy and the coveted title of FIFA 13 champion! Not one to do things by halves, the prize pizza consisted of a cheese and tomato base with chicken, pepperoni, meatballs, green peppers and onions. A spot has been reserved on Dale’s desk for his trophy where he can ensure everyone is reminded of his conquest!

Planning for the next Xbox tournament is already underway, the game is yet to be decided but if it’s half as tense and exciting as this has been, it’ll be great!