Revealed: Webbie Award Winners 2012

As this year comes to an end and a new one begins, it seems fitting to celebrate the achievements of our team in the past year and the Webbie Awards 2012 ceremony did just that.

In November, everyone was given the chance to nominate for all awards with the exception of the Directors’ choice award. The shortlist was released a few weeks ago and the anticipation has been building ever since to see who would win these prestigious accolades. So now it’s time to publicly reveal the winners…

The Hansel & Gretel Award
(The baker of the most delicious cakes)

Nominees were:
Natalie Bailey
Cheryl Diskin
Vivienne Dean
Nicola Schofield

The winner was Vivienne Dean for her delicious contributions to all our cake-fuelled charity days! Receiving an apron and oven glove as her prize, Viv was a very gracious winner who mentioned her fellow nominees in her acceptance speech.

The Next Top Model Award
(The person who is always up for having their picture taken)

Nominees were:
Mark Walker
Ian Munro
Chryssi Gkolfinopoulou
Craig Dean

For being the face of Web Applications UK in published advertisements, Mark Walker was crowned winner and given a collage of photos of himself.

The Cheerleader Award
(The person with the most Web Apps spirit)

Nominees were:
Cheryl Diskin
Michelle Green
Chris Haslam
Mark Owen

Though she has only been a Webbie for 3 months, the winner was Michelle Green for her whole-hearted enthusiasm in the social life at Web Apps. Her prize pompoms still take pride of place on her desk!

The Chatterbox Award
(The person who doesn’t stop talking)

Nominees were:
Joe Taylor
Michelle Green
John Palowski
Cheryl Diskin

As a winner of previous awards such as The Endless Summer 2010 (for the person who can make any meeting last forever), it may not come as a surprise to some that the winner was Cheryl!

The Woody Woodpecker Award
(The person with the most recognisable laugh)

Nominees were:
Daniel Pavlovs
Gordon Pearce
Janine Caddick
Michelle Green

Not only the most recognisable, but definitely the most infectious laugh belongs to Janine. With the hope of filling the office with even more of her signature giggles, she was given a joke book as her prize.

The Ant & Dec Award
(The most attached pair)

Nominees were:
Mark Walker & Dale Roberts
Craig Kennedy & Nick Fowler
Gordon Pearce & Shaun Austin
Shahbaz Ahdi & Jordan Beagle

Our next top model Mark and his BFF Dale were the clear winners and were awarded Ant & Dec masks, a popular accessory in the photobooth!

The Gatekeeper Award
(The best peer tester)

Nominees were:
Nicola Schofield
Daniel Pavlovs
Kevin Rowe
James Rowlands

For his commitment to peer testing before and after our new testing regime, Daniel Pavlovs was presented with the Gatekeeper Award. Donning his new Gatekeeper hat, Daniel made an inspirational speech stating that the award is not just for him as we have many great testers here.

The Nike Award
(The person who just does it)

Nominees were:
Ian Munro
Jeff Ng
Chris Haslam
Naomi McKenna

No Webbie Awards ceremony would be complete without a prize going to Jeff and this year he took the Nike Award! His dedication to his job and his willingness to help others was recognised through this award and the effort he puts in was represented by the Nike sweatband prize.

The Pride of Web Apps Award
(Employee of the Year as voted for by colleagues)

Nominees were:
Jijo James
Sara Barlow
John Sampson
Ian Munro

Over the past year, Ian has developed and launched two brand new websites for Web Applications UK and WAUKCE. He has worked hard on several projects, was part of the Web Apps team for Hack Manchester and, most significantly, is one of the faces on our recruitment banners! One of his nominations included a message describing him as “a great source of help to other developers and a great person to work with”. His passion for his work clearly has not gone unnoticed and he was voted Pride of Web Apps 2012!

The Directors’ Choice
(For the person who has made a special contribution to their team, as recognised by the directors)

As Training Manager, Shaun has made special contribution to the entire company as well as the community through his Scratch training sessions with local school children. He’s involved in the recruitment of all Software Engineers and has enlisted and trained some high calibre additions to our growing team.

Congratulations to Shaun and the rest of the winners, what a way to start 2013!