Craig's Christmas Tale

Jack Simpson

Head of Marketing and Communications

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Our Christmas party took place last Friday, opened by a speech from Craig Dean, our Chief Executive. The annual speech is an opportunity to celebrate the successes of the past year and thank everyone for all their hard work. To keep with the family Christmas theme, this year we decided to do something a little different…

‘Twas the night of the Christmas party, and all through the Windsor Works house
Not a creature was stirring, not even the Web Apps mouse
The presents were placed on the tables with care
In hopes that the Webbies would soon be there

Saeed and Shaun’s newborns are snug in their beds
While Cheryl and Sara are soon to be wed
With more IPs than ever before,
43 new Webbies, recruitment galore!

The birth of Phase 2 created such a clatter
We ran downstairs to see what was the matter
A new office built in all but a flash
The new home for Mr Movember, sporting his ‘tache

John, Mark and Fahim won for their touch
Of mobile screens, thank you very much
Our genius day winners were the cream of the crop
But that was the beginning, the fun doesn’t stop

Summertime came, along with the Games
Our office-based sports provided new household names
Some took it seriously like Barker and Chris
All of the rest were taking the … mickey

Now, Ian! Now, Ilken! Now, Jeff and John!
They formed team Web Apps for a Manc hackathon
Allan Lowe saved the day from a Wi-Fi set back
And we kept them awake with our Webbie gift pack

With Alan Sweeney on board leading training courses
Opened by the Mayor, WAUKCE joined the Web Apps forces
And then there was Ian with his responsive design
Two brand new websites, they both look divine

With our Webbie nights out, so lively and fun
Too many embarrassing moments that can’t be undone
Paintballing, movies, curry and Comedy Store
Board Game Club’s a highlight, and never a bore

We welcomed in our brand new client
Designed TR5 for the American giant
Nerves began to build as the release date loomed
With Craig and Lee on the case we could never be doomed

Off to the US, Craig and Viv fly
Setting up a new office under the Colorado sky
See how we’ve grown, it’s all thanks to you
Web Apps has gone global, we’re in Australia too

And then came the Autumn with a brand new regime
Half a day per week, it’s the PDT scheme
Your Lync status set to Do Not Disturb
An early Christmas present, that’s simply superb

Our Webbies are definitely the most charitable in the land
Would you believe it? We’ve raised over three grand!
We’ve worn it yellow and dotty, sporty and pink
We’ll do just about anything for cake, don’t you think?

The biggest of all was the month of the ‘tache
Rehan and Dalli declared winners with a sash
All in all they raised eight hundred pounds
James grew quite attached and is still parading his around

We arrived at the Place Hotel for our UGS
Armed with bacon butties, we were keen to impress
A speech from myself and a demo from Nick
We announced our Client Access Area, we don’t miss a trick!

This award season’s been a success, I don’t mean to brag
Shortlisted for Business of the Year, we waved the Web Apps flag
With North West Entrepreneur and the Rising Star
Web Applications UK is sure to go far

The Football Museum has made such a good host
That I’m sure you will join me in raising a toast
So now it is time to get off your asses
Fill up your drinks and raise your glasses

Thanks to all Webbies for a fantastic year
Here’s to the future, so be of good cheer
For now this speech is over, the free bar’s in sight
Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good night!

Not only has the Christmas party been hailed the best yet but the speech, or as we prefer to call it, the Christmas story was a great success too!