Football and Family Make Patrick a Happy Man

Jack Simpson

Head of Marketing and Communications

Those who believe in telekinetics, raise my hand.

As Patrick has been at Web Applications UK for over a year now, I decided to catch up with him and see how he’s enjoying life as a Webbie.

Software Engineer, Patrick is currently on Stephen’s team. There is no typical day in his role as he is constantly working on different cases. Patrick enjoys the rotation aspect of his role as he is always looking for new ways to develop.

Before joining Web Apps, Patrick worked for 12 years at a telecoms company followed by a few years at an e-procurement company until he was unfortunately made redundant. Fortunately for us, Web Applications UK immediately caught his eye as we are a local business who are always giving back to the community – something he is also very passionate about.

Originally from Rochdale, Patrick moved to Oldham to live with his wife. It’s clear that family time is the most important thing to Patrick and he loves taking his 3 and 6 year old nephews out as much as he can for a run around the park. The next outing he has planned for his older nephew is to take him to see the new James Bond film, Skyfall as he loves action thrillers and has seen all of the James Bond movies so far.

Word on the Web Apps street is that Patrick is a football enthusiast and our conversation definitely confirmed this. Although he doesn’t support a specific team, he is a Manchester United fan by association as all of his friends are huge fans. The highlight of the football calendar for Patrick is the Rochdale v Oldham derby as he loves watching the local teams but he always has the dilemma of who to support – Rochdale where he was born or Oldham where he lives! Patrick loves playing the game as much as watching it and is a regular player in the Webbie 5 aside matches.

When reflecting over his time at Web Applications UK, Patrick realises how far he has come having passed 3 exams in under a year and set to sit his fourth in February 2013. He believes this is the perfect environment to learn and progress in his career through the use of PDT and The Centre of Excellence. A happy go lucky kind of guy, Patrick is always aiming to get the correct balance of work and play and is happy that he’s able to do this here.

Speaking of play, the social side to life here is something that Patrick always enjoys, with the trip to laser quest being his favourite outing so far. Patrick loves the internal fundraising events that we take part in and he, or should I say his wife, always bakes lots of tasty treats to raise money for charity.

When I asked Patrick what his identifiable traits are he replied “What, like my red hair?” But Patrick then went on to say he is a relaxed guy who is enjoying life to the full. A lovely way to end the conversation if you ask me!