UGS 2012: The Movie

Jack Simpson

Head of Marketing and Communications

Clapton is god

Full coverage of this year’s User Group Seminar has now been uploaded to YouTube. Anyone who feels they missed out on all the exciting announcements or wants to relive the magic of the UGS can find the videos on our YouTube channel and below:

Keynote speech by Craig Dean
Craig’s introduction included a look back at the past year as well as revealing some new developments for the year ahead. For more information, click here.

TR4 demo by Nick Fowler
The demonstration of the new sales interface for Traveller 4 was a highlight for many clients. Nick followed the booking procedure from start to finish showing the added features for increased efficiency and improved sales prompts.

Guest speaker Paul Richer, Genesys
Keeping the Customer Satisfied was the title of Paul’s presentation where he discussed latest technology trends in the travel industry, including a five point plan for creating an effective website.

Guest speaker Simon Beeching, Syntec
The business benefits provided by contact centre management in the cloud were discussed by Simon Beeching from Syntec Telecom.

Question Time
Chaired by Craig Dean along with Lee Tudor and Alan Sweeney, this session gave customers the opportunity to ask questions about everything they heard throughout the day.