Craig Dean - Star of Decision Makers TV

Jack Simpson

Head of Marketing and Communications

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In early October, our Chief Executive Craig Dean travelled to London to film for Decision Makers TV. In association with the World Travel Market, they produce weekly videos featuring the most influential people in the travel industry today. Decision Makers TV emphasise that only film the key players in the market, so it was a real honour for Craig to represent Web Applications UK.

Interviewed by Micaela Juarez, Craig was asked a range of questions about himself, Web Applications UK and the general trends and challenges within the travel technology industry. The interview has been split up into 6 videos, around 3 minutes long each.

In the Company Overview video, Craig discusses our obsession with innovation rather than competition. We try to anticipate features that will be needed by customers in the future and implement them in our software.

Career Highlights shows Craig beaming with pride about his team of 90 talented individuals while we’re still recruiting. While people are judged on their actions and morals, businesses are judged on turnover and profit. Craig believes that this should not be the case, we take great pride in the positive impact we have on our local community which Craig discusses in this video.

Craig gives Career Advice to all viewers, encouraging people to not only embrace change but to actively create it. Believing that continuous learning is the key to success, Craig advises others to surround yourself with people who know more than you do in order to learn from them. These are two philosophies we adhere strongly to at Web Applications UK.

The Challenges facing the travel industry are discussed from Craig’s technological point of view. Making sales online is the main challenge the market is yet to overcome, these need to become more social with videos and reviews from friends rather than just photos and descriptions.

Trends within the travel technology industry are explored, with Craig urging others to look towards the next generation. As a governor of numerous educational institutions, Craig spends a lot of time working with young people.

Craig has spent a lot of time travelling all over the world but loves being home in the UK, particularly his own bed. Outside of the UK, Craig’s top three would be Colorado, Africa and Singapore.

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