Keep Calm and Code!

The first ever Hack Manchester is set to take place this weekend at The Museum of Science and Industry as part of Manchester Science Festival. Teams of up to 4 will arrive at the hackathon at on Saturday 27th October at 3pm, prepared to take on a challenge over 24 hours in an attempt to win a prize!

Of course, this is an event that Web Applications UK simply could not miss out on so we are sponsoring the event and have a team going along to compete. Ian, Jeff, Ilken and John will be representing us at the event, kitted out in their ‘Keep Calm and Code’ T-shirts.

As Web Applications UK are a gold sponsor for this weekend’s event, we have created survival packs for everyone attending. Including an energy drink, coffee, sweets and a toothbrush, we hope that this survival kit will help the participants to keep calm and code!

The Rube Goldberg Chinese Whispers Programming Challenge was chosen by our Technical Director, Lee. The brief is to take a string input from the user and pass it through as many different programs, in as many different programming languages, using as many different communications protocols and encodings as possible before finally outputting the resulting message back to the user. Each step should add the name of the program/language, the name of the protocol and the name of the encoding to the message. Scoring will be based on a number of factors including: the number of different languages, encoding and protocols used, accuracy of output message, speed of throughput, ingenuity of the sequence and the quality of the code. Judged by our Chief Executive, Craig Dean, each member of the winning team will receive a brand new Kindle Fire HD!

After careful deliberation, our team have decided to take on our own challenge as they believe it is the most exciting and interesting. With Craig’s high standards, he will no doubt be very tough to impress but our team feel that they have the knowledge and skills to do well at this challenge.

Myself and a few other Webbies will be attending the presentation and awards ceremony at 7pm on Sunday 28th October. If you are interested in attending then the tickets are available here!