Oasis Academy - Official Opening

Jack Simpson

Head of Marketing and Communications

So it goes

Web Applications UK are constantly supporting local schools and the community. Our Chief Executive Craig Dean is The Chair of Governors for The Oasis Academy Oldham. Monday 22nd October saw the official opening of The Oasis Academy on Hollins Road, a new state of the art school combining South Chadderton and Kaskenmoore schools.

After being greeted by some of the students from the academy, we indulged in a selection of cakes and mingled with the other guests. We then made our way down to the impressive auditorium where we listened to a range of speeches that officially started the ceremony. David Hayes, Principal of the academy, began by expressing how the new school is more than just a building – their aim is to create an exceptional and positive learning environment that the children deserve. To demonstrate the talents at the school, a range of students put on various performances for the guests including dancing, singing and a show from The Oasis Academy Limeside Primary School children.

For me, the most captivating speech was from the founder of the Oasis Christian Charity, Reverend Steve Chalke. In an attempt to motivate the students to aim high, he explained the story of a flea and, in a nutshell, how if they are placed in a glass jar and continuously jump and hit their head, no matter if they are then removed from the jar, they will never jump as high as the lid of the jar that they were once in. The speech was highly encouraging and by the end of it, he had all of the children chanting how they are going to be ‘lid lifters’ in life, and will always aim high.

The ceremony came to an end with the cutting of a ribbon by The Head Boy and Head Girl that revealed a plaque to mark the opening ceremony. The reception area of the new academy was filled with glitter and coloured ribbon and the academy was officially open!

Oasis Academy Oldham is one of 5 new academies being built in the Oldham area. It has world class facilities, with dedicated staff and an enthusiastic student body. Web Applications UK is extremely proud to be supporting this local educational institution and we can’t wait to visit again.