ICT for Education

Jack Simpson

Head of Marketing and Communications

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ICT for Education is a national conference that features a line-up of talented speakers and experts within the IT industry who aim to address IT challenges faced by teachers, schools and businesses.

This year’s conference was held at The Reebok Stadium in Bolton on Friday 12th October.  An innovative and highly interactive element of the event is the debate which addresses the use of IT in schools for the future. Craig Dean, the Chief Executive of Web Applications UK, had been invited to sit among a panel of experts to partake in this debate questioning whether the teaching and learning of IT in schools supports students entering the workplace. Alongside Craig sat Mike Briscoe from IET associates, Steve Bunce, an independent education consultant and Tina George, the director of Sureline.

Each panel member began by introducing themselves and explaining the issues they face in terms of IT in education. Questions were then opened to the floor where a range of academic professionals were able to respond and present the problems that teachers face when preparing their students for the future. There was a general agreement that there is a desperate need for better communication between educational institutions and the working world. In order to achieve the best results, it is necessary that schools engage with smaller, local businesses to promote opportunities after education.

Alongside the conference, was a vendor exhibition allowing various businesses to showcase their IT solutions. The ICT for Education conference is an excellent opportunity for those at the forefront of the IT industry to network  to discover solutions for the problems they face.

The next ICT for Education conference is in Swansea on 9th November and again, the event is free to attend for teachers and academic professionals. Visit here to register!