Web Applications UK introduces new PDT scheme

Jack Simpson

Head of Marketing and Communications

So it goes

This week Web Applications UK has introduced a new personal development programme for our Software Engineers.

Up until last week, our developers were given 2 hours per week to study towards a Microsoft certification. Now, Software Engineers are given half a day every week to work on areas they feel need improving or updating. Personal Development Time (PDT) can be used to watch useful YouTube videos, read informative blogs, articles, tutorials or for studying towards a qualification. Any innovative ideas (and believe me, our Software Engineers have many) can be developed into an exciting side project. In fact, one of the only rules is that no continuing with current work is allowed.

The IT industry is constantly changing and new technologies are forever being developed. The PDT enables our talented and passionate Software Engineers to stay at the forefront of technology and reach their full potential.

To some, giving away 10% of work time to personal development may seem a bit crazy, but the company will undoubtedly benefit too. Giving our Webbies time to expand their knowledge and improve their skill will ensure a bright future for our ever-growing business.