Farewell to Bridge House

Jack Simpson

Head of Marketing and Communications

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There seemed to be something missing when I arrived at work today. It took me a while but I eventually realised that Bridge House, the three-storey building that once stood opposite our car park has disappeared!

The top two floors were taken down by hand before bringing in the heavy machinery. The rest of the walls were then pulled down. All that remains is a huge pile of bricks and one very proud looking digger. Obviously a lot more needs to be done before we can start extending our car park but there’s some swift progress going on as I type.

The next steps will be to pull down the remaining wall, use the bricks to fill in the basement and smooth over the ground. It will soon look like the building never existed!

As a bonus, Oldham now has an even clearer view of our new sign; it is even visible from the Oldham Mumps Metrolink station.