Hack Manchester Challenge

Jack Simpson

Head of Marketing and Communications

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Our challenge has just been announced on the Hack Manchester website! Last week you may remember that we held a competition to come up with ideas for the winning challenge. We had lots of ideas coming in and in the end it was decided that our Technical Director Lee’s was the best.

His winning idea and Web Applications UK’s challenge for Hack Manchester is….drum roll please…..The Rube Goldberg Chinese Whispers Programming Challenge.

The brief is to take a string input from the user and pass it though as many different programs, in as many different programming languages, using as many different communications protocols and encodings as possible! Before finally outputting the resulting message back to the user. Each step should add the name of the program/language, the name of the protocol and the name of the encoding on to the message.

Scoring will be based on a number of factors including:

•             The number of different languages, encoding and protocols used

•             Accuracy of output message

•             Speed of throughput

•             Ingenuity of the sequence

•             Quality of the code 

The challenge is to see hackers come up with the most complex and imaginative sequence possible within 24 hours!

The first batch of tickets for hackers are sold out but more are promised to be on their way soon. Tickets cost just £5 for entry which is donated to the Museum of Science and Industry as a thank you gesture. Spectator tickets are still available for the Sunday (28th October) when the presentations of all the hard work will get under way. So why not go and show your support to your fellow developers. It’s set to be a great weekend with food, drink and all kinds of entertainment throughout. Plus, the best hacks will win prizes.

We’ve got our expert team together, ready for the contest to begin. Bring on the 27th – 28th October Hack Manchester, others teams – watch out!