Google+ Us

Web Applications UK and WAUKCE have joined Google+!

Google+ is a growing social network owned and operated by Google (obviously!). Launched last year, Google+ now has approximately 250 million registered active users.

The question on everyone’s lips is will it be the next big social network? That remains to be seen but we’re here, ready and willing whether we’re speaking to a few or millions! Already having profiles on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more, Google+ is another great way for us to communicate with the world about all things Web Applications.

Taking the best features from each social network , Google has added a little of its own innovation to produce Google+.

Your followers are divided into circles so you can communicate specifically to each group of people. The circles given by default are family, friends and acquaintances but you are free to create any circle you wish. For your personal profile you may wish to divide people into different friend groups and work colleagues. Business pages can utilise the circles to divide followers into demographics to target posts more effectively.

Events can also be created on Google+ in a similar way to Facebook. An added feature is that photos can be shared from the event instantly using Party Mode, meaning that everyone’s photos from the occasion are kept in one place.

Photos can be added into private or public albums and can be edited in countless ways such as adding filters, text, moustaches, masks and heartnoculars.


Using your current location, nearby places such as pubs, restaurants and shops are recommended, you can control how much game activity shows on your stream and Google+ hangouts allow you to connect with others via free video chat. Personally, my favourite feature is being able to edit posts after they are published. Gone is the annoyance of sharing a post only to realise you have a typo and have to delete it all!

We’ll be actively updating Google+ from now on, so join us on Google+ for photos, news, events and information about Web Applications UK and WAUKCE.