Ping Pong Winners Reap Rewards

Jack Simpson

Head of Marketing and Communications

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Today the winners of Office Olympic event Board Room Ping Pong claimed their big prize.

All medal winners in the Office Olympics received a chocolate medal along with an invitation to watch a related Olympic event during work time. The Board Room Ping Pong winners Dale, Mark W and Jordan S got the chance to watch the women’s medal matches of Table Tennis.

As if time away from work wasn’t a prize enough, snacks were provided as part of their reward. Gold winner Dale had the privilege of deciding on the nibbles for the occasion which resulted in pringles, nuts, maltesers and more pringles.

The short-lived first match was Tianwei Feng from Singapore v Kasumi Ishikawa from Japan battling for the bronze medal. Feng proved to be a cut above Ishikawa and took the bronze for Singapore 4 games to nil. While our Webbie winners were talented compared to the rest of us, the Olympic players are incredible.

China was guaranteed the gold with Li Xiaoxia taking on Chinese compatriot Ding Ning in the tense final. Last year Ding won the World Cup and World Championships but it was Li who took the Olympic gold today, 4-1!

The ‘research’ for this blog post entailed joining the winners in their prize moment watching the Table Tennis. So I’m qualified to report that fun, chocolate and crisps were had by all.