The Rise of BGC

Jack Simpson

Head of Marketing and Communications

So it goes

The third Board Game Club meeting took place on Friday and it was a bigger hit than ever before.

After some encouragement from Rob, co-founder of BGC, to put away our gamepad thumbs and fire up our brains, there was a greater response to the open invitation. Even though Daniel was on holiday on Friday, he came all the way to work for the occasion, bringing his partner Marina. Increased numbers of players made it necessary to play two games at once to accommodate everyone.

In Meeting Room 2, Battlestar Galactica, crewed by Joe (Bill Adama), Tom (Laura Roslin), Rob (Gaius Baltar) and Kris (Lee “Apollo” Adama), fled the Cylon menace.  With good judgement and good fortune early in the game, Fleet Admiral Joe managed to lure the Cylons into a trap, annihilating most of their ships with one of the few precious nukes.

But one of the crew was not everything he seemed.  Cylon Rob kept his head low, biding his time until he was ready to strike.  Just as it seemed Galactica might make it to safety, there was a moment of crisis. The Cylons struck, detonating hidden bombs on the ship.  With Galactica in disarray, and Joe in the brig for sympathising with the enemy, his fighter-ace son Kris took command of the fleet.  Cylon boarding parties attacked Galactica and seized the ship, ending the game in a victory for the Cylons.

Meanwhile, in Meeting Room 1, five Lords and Ladies (Lee, Nuzaif, John, Daniel and Marina) struggled for control of the city of Waterdeep.  Lee took an early lead, enlisting the help of a lieutenant to give him an advantage.  With the lieutenant’s resources in play, Lee maintained his lead, and took victory by fifty points.

Unfortunately, Nuzaif had to leave early, so after playing Lords of Waterdeep, this group started a new game of Agricola.  In Agricola, players compete to build the biggest and best farm.  Daniel and Lee dominated the game, with Daniel cleverly building a reed-hut early in the game to house a new addition to his family – not the most comfortable accommodations, but definitely effective.  Meanwhile, a miscalculation by John meant his family was forced to beg to feed itself.  He rallied later in the game, but the runaway leaders had it almost all their own way.  In the end, Lee won, having built a palatial stone farmhouse, with vast fields and pastures that netted him just enough victory points.

With the next Board Game Club scheduled for Friday 3rd August, there seems no end to Rob and Lee’s board game collections!