Kinect Olympics

Jack Simpson

Head of Marketing and Communications

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Today sadly saw the end of our Office Olympics, finishing with Kinect Olympics.

We spent the afternoon playing on a new Kinect game – London 2012 Olympics. I’d chosen 4 different events for each round, where a player was knocked out at each stage.

We started off with 4 groups of 3 all playing Target Javelin. Each player had to pretend they were throwing a javelin to reach a target, with more points being awarded the closer to the centre you got.

Chris Haslam appeared to have the right technique running on the spot when you didn’t have to…trying to get James to do the same. It worked for Chris and saw him put through to the next round. James on the other hand was knocked out.

Craig K and Shaun both complained that the game should be measured on distance not aiming for a target. To quote Shaun “It’s not darts!” No, but this way it was a bit trickier than simply throwing the javelin the furthest. I enjoyed watching people get slightly frustrated anyway!

The top two in javelin got to fight it out in the next round – Keirin Battle. This was a cycling race at the velodrome. Players had to move their arms up and down to make them go faster and lean to steer themselves around the track. Keiron found this quite difficult (or the Kinect wasn’t registering his movements as he protested) either way it made for some pretty funny photos as he tried to put Shahbaz off!

The results of the group stages are as follows:

Group 1    

1st Chris, 2nd Kris, 3rd James

Group 2

1st Keiron,  2nd Shahbaz, 3rd Sophia

Group 3. 

1st Claire, 2nd Craig K, 3rd Paul

 Group 4.

1st Shui, 2nd Shaun, 3rd Subham

The winner of each race then went on to the semi-final – Archery Blitz. Chris, Claire, Shui and Keiron had 60 seconds to shoot as many arrows and score as many points by hitting the target. There were a few technique issues to start off with but everyone soon got in to the swing of things. Shui was named ‘Robin Hood’ on several occasions as he repeatedly hit the target! However, Chris and Claire managed to rack up the points by scoring lots of 9’s and 10’s.

So that meant it was a battle between Chris and Claire in the final event – 110m hurdles. Claire had already told me how there was a long standing rivalry between the two of them so I wondered how competitive things would get!

The hurdles proved to be the funniest event of the day. Players had to move their arms up and down to run, then they had to jump when approaching a hurdle. Chris took to running on the spot again as they made their way down the track. His technique may look a bit silly but it meant that Chris made it to the finish line first, lunging for the win!

Chris has won two silver medals before and really wanted a gold; what a way to finish our Office Olympics! Well done Chris!

By the time we were going to have a 3rd place decider, Shui had gone home for the day. This meant that Keiron wins bronze by default. Sorry Shui!

So the results are:

1st Chris Haslam

2ndClaire Barker

3rd Keiron Darbyshire     

Huge congratulations to them!

Next Friday we will be holding an awards ceremony for all of the winners to coincide with the opening ceremony of London 2012.