Work Experience by Samiul Rahman

As part of Samiul’s time with PR he wrote a blog about his time at Web Applications UK. As you can see, he also learnt how to add images and change the appearance of text using HTML.

The school I am currently attending is Newman RC College Werneth. Work experience with Web Applications UK has been good. I have enjoyed the experience of working here.

I have learnt and done many things at Web Applications UK such as making a cable and Graphic Design. Making a cable was the most difficult of all. Understanding how to make it was easy but fixing it together was the hard part, as it sometimes ended up wrong. At first it took me a couple of hours to make the cable, but at the end it didn’t work. On the other hand it was fun making them.

I enjoyed Graphic Design the most as it was interesting and entertaining. The interesting part about designing was how everything works, how simple things can make one of the biggest things. The entertaining thing about Graphic Design is that I got to help and make a poster for Oldham Sixth Form College, which I enjoyed as it ending up looking good and I learned new and interesting ways of creating a poster on the computer.

The staff at Web Applications UK are friendly and enjoyable to work with. When I was making the cable it was funny but also frustrating at the same time as I kept making it wrong.

What I haven’t enjoyed is the reading and signing at first as it was boring but on the other hand everything else was good. This was because it took so long to read the books and it involved me signing a lot of papers, which was needed by Web Applications UK. But I understand why I had to do this.

My interest in I.T. is now Graphic Design as it is the most interesting and enjoyable so far.

My future plans are becoming a Graphic Designer. This is because it is interesting and fun to do. I hope to study this in future at college.

By Samiul Rahman