The Comedy Store - A Serious Night Out

Jack Simpson

Head of Marketing and Communications

So it goes

Thursday night saw us all enjoy a night filled with laughter at our latest staff outing at The Comedy Store on Deansgate Locks.


Image “Deansgate – Castlefield, Manchester, United Kingdom” by Alvin Leong is licensed under CC BY 2.0

For many of us, it was a reason to try out the new Metrolink running from just outside our office at Oldham Mumps into the centre of Manchester. After quickly buying some tickets, half of us climbed aboard the conveniently timed tram, accidentally leaving the other half of the group on the platform. Pulling into Deansgate-Castlefield around 35 minutes later, it took us a moment to realise we were literally on top of Deansgate Locks!


Image “Castlefield Viaduct at Deansgate” by Tim Green is licensed under CC BY 2.0 

Upon arriving at The Comedy Store, we got started on the free bar provided for us Webbies by our generous employer. Once everyone had settled into our privately hired room, Craig Dean made a speech. The message was clear: Thank you for working so hard over the past year, we have a challenging year ahead but it will be worth it. He then encouraged us all to speak to new people, including the faces we didn’t recognise. Hearing about the free bar, some of the industrial placement students due to start in July came along. Soon after the speech, the buffet was open. Food is truly the way to any Webbie’s heart so the delicious pizza, BBQ chicken and more went down a treat!

For the comedy, we had a reserved seating section with a great view, while being far enough away to avoid being picked on by the comedians. Along with the compere, an Englishman, an Irishman and… a Scouser were the stand-up comedians of the evening. The Irishman Ian Coppinger was first up, complaining that he was missing Ireland playing Spain in Euro 2012. It was probably for the best, considering the brutal 4-0 defeat.

After we had filled up with drinks during the interval, Jake Mills made his appearance. Opinions differ but he was by far my favourite. The final act was Steve Royle who appeared on stage juggling to set the tone for the act. His silly humour combined with more juggling, balancing acts and tricks with ping pong balls had the whole audience roaring with laughter. Either that or it was down to the fact that alcohol had been flowing for about four hours by that point.

When the acts were over we retreated to our private room for more laughs and mingling with others. Some were lucky enough to have the day after scheduled off as part of our 5in7 scheme and were luring the rest of us into making a night of it. Baring in mind that I had a full day off work ahead of me, I sensibly decided to go home… but not until The Comedy Store closed.

Naturally, many of us weren’t working at optimum productivity the morning after, which is why it was particularly welcome when Vivienne arranged a breakfast delivery from a local café. I’ve never been so happy to see a bacon butty in my life!