The (7) Wonders of Board Game Club

Jack Simpson

Head of Marketing and Communications

So it goes

The second meeting of the Web Applications Board Game Club took place on Friday and was another great success.

While some of the original attendees couldn’t make it, the numbers were made up by newcomers. Most turned up out of curiosity, having only heard of but never played any of the games involved.

The first game of the evening was a rematch of ‘7 Wonders’. Kris Cartwright once again claimed the crown of victory, narrowly beating John Sampson in a close-scored game. A complete lack of military power led newcomer Nuzaif Sayyed to suffer a number of serious defeats which left him languishing in last place.

The next game, ‘Last Night on Earth’, saw hard-bitten drifter John, holy-man Subham, high school jock Kris and lawman Rob take on the horde of flesh-eating zombies controlled by Nuzaif and Dennis. In a tough fire fight, the heroes managed to defend against the ravenous zombies, racking up fifteen kills before sunset (with only three turns to spare before they would lose the game by default).

The gun-toting heroes scored a number of very lucky hits that swung the game, although some of the zombies proved very tough to kill soaking up all Kris and John’s ammunition. Unfortunately, priestly Subham was left fighting zombies with his bare hands – presumably his love of peace preventing him from taking up arms.

Hooked on the anticipation of the next card or roll of the dice, all members are already looking forward to the next event on Friday 20th July. As ever, all Webbies are invited so we hope to see the club expand even further!