Queen Dean of Web Applications

Jack Simpson

Head of Marketing and Communications

Clapton is god

Vivienne Dean is the Office Manager here at Web Applications. If you want something done or have a question then she’s the lady to go to. She’s always got a big smile on her face and is more than happy to help out.

There’s no typical day to Viv’s job, it’s really reactive so whatever comes up she deals with it. She told me her role has changed a lot in the past 4 years from doing a bit of everything to being more focused now. It’s more HR because as the company is growing there’s obviously a few extra people, and we need looking after! This is difficult sometimes, having to deal with everything that’s going on, but without Viv I’m not sure where we’d be.

The favourite part of her job is her team. They keep her grounded when things get a bit tough and they’re a good laugh. Viv said she also loves working with Craig the Chief Executive, who happens to be her husband. They’ve been together for 6 years now and worked together for 4. I tried to get some juicy gossip about Craig and Viv revealed that he’s really romantic, even whisking her off to Rome for a surprise proposal.

Her first job was at an estate agent where she learnt all her super admin skills. She also did some advertising and viewings which appealed to her nosey side, who wouldn’t want to look around someone else’s house? She left that job when she got married and went to work for a network and cable company where the people were awesome. The company was unfortunately closing down and Craig was looking for a PA so it seemed like the perfect solution for Viv to join the Web Applications family. Viv still really likes her job and thinks she’s well suited because she enjoys facts and figures and everything being in order.


In her spare time Viv loves going to gigs. She tries to go as often as possible when she has someone to go with. Most recently she went to see Spector at HMV Ritz and she’s also seen Noah And The Whale and Joshua Radin.

Vivienne also likes watching films and goes to the cinema a lot. Definitely not to see horror films though; she’s very squeamish and gets scared easily. Like me, she’s one of those people who will watch something then dream about it all night – If she can get to sleep! When I asked about a favourite film Viv told me she likes a good Rom Com but has lots of favourites depending on the genre, including Shrek.

I then went on to ask about any hidden talents Viv has. I use the word ‘hidden’ in the loosest possible sense as I’ve seen Viv lick her own elbow at the Oldham Business Awards. It really is quite impressive and I’ve no idea how she does it. She can also do the splits but hasn’t done it in a while so she’s hoping some of the Office Olympics events we have lined up that might need that skill.

As many of us Webbies know Viv loves baking; regularly bringing cakes in for us to try. Today is no exception with an e-mail going around offering chocolate cake to anyone who wants a piece! I haven’t tried any yet, but better get in there quick I’m sure.

As seen with her baking, Viv is very generous. If she won the lottery she would spend the money on other people. She loves looking for the perfect gift, giving to her friends and the thrill of seeing them open it. This is a big deal at Christmas where her family of 6 all come together and look forward to giving each other presents.

For herself, Viv would like a new house and would maybe even build her own with Craig, Grand Designs style. So who knows, if she wins the lottery maybe Viv will have another claim to fame to add her two brief TV appearances. Watch out Kevin McCloud!