Office Olympics: Rubber Band Archery

Jack Simpson

Head of Marketing and Communications

So it goes

Last Friday saw the 3rd Office Olympic event, Rubber Band Archery, held at Windsor Works. The event was a test of skill and accuracy, putting our Webbies to the test for the chance to win some very appealing prizes!

Winners of each event get to watch a related Olympic event during work time and a medal for placing 1st, 2nd or 3rd. The medals arrived this week and they look amazing! They’ll be given out in an awards ceremony on the 27th July to coincide with the official opening ceremony of London 2012.

Natalie Bailey and I made 5 targets from around the office, including a highlighter pen and a bottle of multivitamins, which were placed on 3 different chairs in the downstairs kitchen. Athletes were then called to the playing area, where there was of course cake!

Each competitor received 2 practice shots to get their technique down before the real deal. After that they were given 10 rubber bands to shoot the various objects. Each object hit won you a point, a knock down won you 3 and 5 points were awarded for knocking it completely off the chair.

Some participants were better than others, a lot better…. Once Gordon had managed to reach 16 points we all thought he would be crowned champion, something he was extremely happy about as he said he’d never won anything before. Then Vivienne Dean stepped up to the plate. It was tense and Gordon looked nervous, he was right to. Vivienne went in to the lead, beating Gordon’s score by a single point.

Rob Illing looked like a contender with his one handed technique, a move Shebnem tried but couldn’t quite master despite her efforts. However he was no match for whose turn it was next.

Jeff had wanted to play all afternoon but meetings and interviews stood in his way. When he took his turn it seemed clear that it needed this build up. Jeff made it look easy, hitting the targets one by one with military precision. He had cleared the chairs with one band left, scoring him an extra 5 points and in record time which made his total 33.

With the top 3 looking pretty set in stone the event appeared to be all over. However, there was a late entry in the form of Craig Dean. He started off poorly but then got the hang of it, knocking down each target except for one can that stood in his way. This brought his score to 24, putting him in second place and leaving Gordon out of the medals.

So, the winners were:

1st Jeff Ng

2nd Craig Dean

3rd Vivienne Dean

There’s 5 more weeks to go in our Office Olympics with lots more chances for our Webbies to win.

This week’s event is Paper Aeroplane Javelin. A throwing contest of skill, strength and determination!