Office Olympics - Paper Javelin

Jack Simpson

Head of Marketing and Communications

Those who believe in telekinetics, raise my hand.

Last Friday saw our 4th Office Olympic event take place – Paper Javelin. Competitors had 2 minutes to make a paper aeroplane then throw it to see how far it would go, that’s if it could fly at all!

Before the event had even started the office was buzzing with discussions over various techniques and how to tackle the air conditioning vents. People were furiously practicing in preparation for their turn. I’d not made a paper aeroplane since I was in school and even then I gave up when I folded it wrong, so I was contemplating not joining in to save myself the embarrassment. The competitive Webbie in me emerged though and after a practice or two I was raring to go!

Most people took about a minute to make their planes, using the extra time to make any tweaks or just keep their fingers crossed that it worked. Then everyone had 3 attempts to throw their planes across the downstairs office, with the furthest distance thrown being marked with a sticker with their name on.

23 of our Webbies battled it out for gold and the winners were:

1. Subham – 11.73

2. Sophia – 10.28m

3. Lee – 9.93m

Subham seemed the winner from an early stage with no one able to match his single throw that easily travelled the length of the office.

Sophia was one of the last few and swooped in at Silver.

Lee clearly had the knowledge of paper aeroplanes, passing on tips to a lucky few in the office. His was the most complicated design, but seemed to be worth it as it secured him a Bronze!

As usual cakes were provided for each participant, it’s become so much of a tradition I’m not sure what I’ll do if we don’t have cakes on Friday anymore!

We’re half way through Office Olympics which means just 4 events left. This week’s event is Keyboard Sprint, where competitors are given a paragraph to type as fast as they can. Time during work to watch a related Olympic event on T.V, medals and pride are all up for grabs!