Office Olympics - Keyboard Sprint

Jack Simpson

Head of Marketing and Communications

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This week Web Applications UK played host to the 5th Office Olympics event –The Keyboard Sprint.

No, this wasn’t running with a keyboard, it was in fact a typing race! Designed to test a real office skill; both the speed and accuracy of our Webbie’s typing was measured.

The aim of the game was to see who could type the highest words per minute using the website, in the event of a tie we would look at the accuracy. To get used to the program we used, everyone was allowed a practice go before the real thing. From an office full of people who type a lot, we were expecting big things!

The first five people to sign up received a cake so even then they got to practice their speedy typing skills by just entering.

Questions over what kind of keyboard would be used and what the test would actually entail were asked; people were taking this seriously! As participants took their turn crowds began to gather and putting off tactics could be seen. Gordon remembered how he was ripped of a medal in the Rubber Band Archery and decided not to take part, having a go on his computer instead for his own gratification – We’ll never know if this event was made for him!

The winners were:

1. Kris Cartwright – 92wpm

2. Chris Haslam – 83wpm

3. Kerry Tammam – 75wpm

Chris Haslam was the first one up and it seemed with his impressive score, he would be crowned the winner. Little did we know that when Kris Cartwright stepped up to the plate he would wipe the floor with everyone else! Kerry (who asked to be called quickly out of a meeting to take part) improved on her practice go to finish comfortably in 3rd.

Congratulations to them all! There’s three events left, so three more chances for our Webbies to win.

Winners will be given time during work to watch a related Olympic event on TV with refreshments provided. Not only that, but there will be medals, pride and respect up for grabs! The prizes will be awarded during a special prize ceremony on 27th July, coinciding with the opening ceremony of London 2012.