Office Olympics Event Two: Mouse Mat Discus

Jack Simpson

Head of Marketing and Communications

Those who believe in telekinetics, raise my hand.

Or ‘Moose Man Disco’ as one of our posters was edited to say…

The second Office Olympic event took place on Friday and even more competitors stepped up to battle it out for the prestigious prizes. Up for grabs was the chance to watch a related Olympic event during the winner’s working day with nibbles and drinks provided. Similar generosity is going around at the moment for England’s first match in Euro 2012, the England v France match is being screened in the downstairs office for anyone here after 5pm.


Over twenty competitive Webbies took on the Mouse Mat Discus challenge. As the name suggests, this game involved throwing a mouse mat but as we’re limited on space being indoors, it was all about accuracy rather than strength. Each player stood at a specified start position and had 3 throws to hit the target areas to score 2, 3 or 5 points. One thrower noted that an added challenge was the possibility of your mouse mat bouncing away off the reception desk.


Each competitor received a cupcake for good luck, which worked better for some than others with scores ranging from the maximum of 15 to a mere 2 points. Mark O achieved full points which took him to the finals along with Nick G, Claire B, Subham, Vivienne, Stephen, Joe and Paul who all got 13 points.

The tough final separated the flukes from the true champions and Nick Gee achieved the maximum 15 points without any practice. He described his victory as being “up there with witnessing Manchester United winning the Champions League”. Despite his well thought out tactics, Joe came in second with a respectable 11 points. This left Claire Barker in third place with 10 points!

Two down, six events to go in our Office Olympics, meaning six more chances to bag some prizes in our special Prize Ceremony on Friday 27th July. This week’s event is another test of accuracy – Rubber Band Archery.